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Selected Publications

"Revisiting The Normal Cathode Fall Theory", V.P. Nagorny, International Conference on Phenomena in Ionized Gases (XXVIII ICPIG), Prague, Czech Republic, A2 (2007) (143kB)

"Understanding The Physics of Plasma Display Addressing", V.P. Nagorny, International Meeting on Information Display (IMID'07), Daegu, Korea, pp.23-28 (2007) (260kB)

"Statistical instability of barrier microdischarges operating in Townsend regime", V.P. Nagorny, J. Appl. Phys., 101, 023302 (2007) (170kB)

"Fast Addressing of Plasma Display Panels", V.P. Nagorny, SID2006  Int. Symp. Tech. Digest, Vol. XXXVII, 6.3L, pp.60-63 (2006) (318kB)

“Statistical instability of the Ramp discharge and the role of exoemission”, V.P. Nagorny, V.N. Khudik, A. Shvydky,  IEEE Trans. on Plasma Sci., Spec. Issue on Plasma Display Panels, Vol.34, 343-350 (2006). (1.31MB)

Three-Dimensional Monte-Carlo/Particle-in-Cell studies of anode striations and cathode ionization wave in barrier-discharges in AC-PDP cell", A. Shvydky, V.N. Khudik, V.P. Nagorny, and C.E. Theodosiou,  IEEE Trans. on Plasma Sci., Spec. Issue, Vol.34, 878-885, (2006). (1.37MB)

“Dynamical positive column in long-gap barrier discharges”. A. Shvydky, V. N. Khudik, V. P. Nagorny, and C. E. Theodosiou, J. Appl. Phys. 99, 013303 (2006) (244kB)

"Plasma display panels: problems and their analysis via computer simulations",   V.P. Nagorny, V.N. Khudik, P.J. Drallos, A. Shvydky, 2005 International Meeting on Information Display (IMID'05), Seoul, Korea, pp.155-160. (543kB)

"Three-Dimensional PIC/MC Simulations of the Sustain Discharge Pulse in an ACPDP", V.N. Khudik, V.P. Nagorny, A.Shvydky ,Journal of the SID, 13/2, 147-153 (2005). (2.13MB)

"Three-Dimensional Monte-Carlo/Particle-in-Cell Simulations of the discharge pulse in an AC-PDP cell", V.N. Khudik, A.Shvydky, V.P. Nagorny, and C.E. Theodosiou , IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science, Spec. Issue, 33, 510-511 (2005). (606kB)

"Three-Dimensional Fully Kinetic Simulations of the Discharge Pulse in an AC-PDP Cell", V.P. Nagorny, V.N. Khudik, IDW'04, PDP1-3, pp.867-870 . (557kB)

"The electron avalanche sliding along the dielectric surface", A. Shvydky, V.P. Nagorny, and V.N. Khudik, Journal of Phys. D: Applied Phys., Vol. 37 (2004),  2996-2999 . (165kB)

"Dynamics of a barrier discharge at high overvoltage", V.N.Khudik, V.P.Nagorny and A.Shvydky, Journal of Appl. Phys., Vol. 94 (2003), 6291-6302. (184kB)

"Stability of Positive Resistance Discharges for AC PDPs" , V.P. Nagorny, P.J. Drallos and L.F. Weber, SID '00 International Symposium Tech. Digest, XXXI, 10.04, pp.114-117 (2000) (229kB)

"A Controlled Lateral Volume Discharge for High Luminous Efficiency AC-PDP", J.D. Schermerhorn, E. Anderson, D. Levison, C.Hammon, J.S. Kim, B.Y. Park, J.H. Ryu, O. Shvydky and A. Sebastian, SID '00 Digest, XXXI, 10.02, pp.106-109 (2000) (657kB)

"3D Simulations of a single-substrate ac-pdp cell with barrier ribs", P.J. Drallos, V.N. Khudik, V.P. Nagorny, SID '98 International Symposium Tech. Digest, XXIX, P-46, pp.632-635 (1998) (57kB)

"Effective secondary emission coefficient in a high-pressure noble gas", V.P. Nagorny and P.J. Drallos; Plasma Sources Sci. Technol., Vol. 6 pp.212-219 (1997) (188kB)

"Effective Secondary Emission Coefficient for "Rough" Cathode Surfaces ", P.J. Drallos, V.P. Nagorny,  D.D. Ryutov, W. Williamson, Jr., Comments Plasma Phys. Controlled Fusion, Vol.18, No. 1, pp.37-51 (1997)  (186kB)

"Effective secondary emission coefficient for flat cathodes in a high pressure gas", V.P. Nagorny, D.D. Ryutov, P.J. Drallos, W. Williamson, Jr. - ICPIG'95, Hoboken, NJ (86kB)

"Effective secondary emission coefficient for “rough” cathode surfaces", V.P. Nagorny, D.D. Ryutov, P.J. Drallos, W. Williamson, Jr. - ICPIG '95, Hoboken, NJ  (91kB)

"The dynamics of a high-pressure ac gas discharge between dielectric coated electrodes near breakdown threshold", V.P. Nagorny, P.J. Drallos, W. Williamson, Jr., J.Appl.Phys. Vol. 77(8) , pp. 3645-3656. (1995) (1.4MB)

"Simple Kinetic Model of the Cathode Fall in a Low Pressure He Discharge", V.P. Nagorny, P.J. Drallos and W. Williamson, Jr., Physica Scripta, Vol.T53, 79-83 (1994) (333kB)