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About Plasma Dynamics

Plasma Dynamics  is an independent, scientific research corporation specializing in theoretical physics support for low-temperature plasma applications and technologies. Our staff is comprised entirely of PhD physicists, each with several years of practical plasma physics experience.

Although we can provide efficient, short-term physics consulting, more typically, our research provides high-level physics support by integrating into a client's R&D engineering program.

The physics support we provide generally consists of a combination of analytical and computational analysis. While, computational tools allow us to investigate processes beyond the analytic limits, analytical investigations help to ensure that the computational results are reliable while also providing fundamental understanding of the processes being examined.

The integration of such a program streamline almost any R&D project by reducing the number of proto-types needed, limiting the range of unknown variables, and discovering exploitable processes and inter-relationships that would otherwise be unknowable. These features provide engineers with valuable new information which will save time and open up new avenues of development.