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2005 Developed first ever Fully conservative 2D PIC/Monte-Carlo code. Detailed investigation of the cathode ionization wave have shown the self-similar behavior of the cathode wave.

2005 Investigated load effects using our 2D multi-cell fluid code (50-100 2D macro-cell simulation). Observed transition from a regular to stochastic regime of the cell operation with a change of the load. Showed significant difference between measurable current through wires and actual cell current, explained non-uniformity of the power input along the line, as it affected by the load.

2004 Kinetic simulation of a ramp discharge. Discovered new kind of instability - statistical instability of a micro-discharge. This kind of instability may be important to other small systems (nano-systems, for example).

2004 First investigations of the cathode wave, using 2D/3D PIC/Monte-Carlo simulations. First ever high resolution simulations free of numerical diffusion.

2003 First ever fully kinetic simulation of a PDP discharge using our 3D PIC/Monte-Carlo code. Numerical experiments with a discharge related to phenomena of anode striations.

2003 Investigated electron diffusion and found that in a strong electric field electron diffusion together with ionization may create interesting effects, like an avalanche sliding along the surface, when electric field is directed at about 45 degrees to the surface where electrons end up.

2003 Developed first ever 3D PIC/Monte-Carlo code for simulation the discharge in a PDP cell.

2003 Developed the only multi-cell fluid code, which takes into account interaction between cells through distributed elements, and can simulate hundreds or thousands of cells working together. Every cell can be considered as 1D or 2D. Ran actual simulation with 500 1D macro-cells, and/or 20 2D macro-cells.

2002 Developed the basic version of the 3D PIC/Monte-Carlo code for investigation of the photon transport.