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Supplemental Materials and Conferences

"Understanding Physics of Plasma Display Addressing"", V.P. Nagorny, Presented at IMID 2007, Daegu, Korea (2007)

"Fast Addressing of Plasma Display Panels", V.P. Nagorny, Presented at SID2006, San Francisco, CA (2006)

"Plasma display panels: problems and their analysis via computer simulations",   V.P. Nagorny, V.N. Khudik, P.J. Drallos, A. Shvydky, Invited talk - 2005 International Meeting on Information Display (IMID'05), Seoul, Korea. (link to the movie)

"Dynamics of the breakdown of the discharge gap at high overvoltage" , A. Shvydky, V.N. Khudik, V.P. Nagorny, C.E. Theodosiou  Presented at GEC 2004, Ireland (link to the movie)

"Three-dimensional Fully Kinetic Simulations of the Discharge Pulse in an AC-PDP cell", V.P. Nagorny, V.N. Khudik  Presented at IDW 2004, Niigata, Japan.

"Large-amplitude oscillations in a Townsend discharge in low-current limit", V.N. Khudik, A. Shvydky, Presented at GEC 2003, San Francisco, CA

"Stability of Positive Resistance Discharges for AC PDPs", V.P. Nagorny, P.J. Drallos, L.F. Weber, Presented at SID 2000, Long Beach, CA

"Status and Trends of Plasma Display Device Research" , L.F. Weber  Presented at EuroDisplay'99 (19th IDRC), Berlin, Germany (1999) (Courtesy of L.F. Weber)